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by axillism

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released October 27, 2016



all rights reserved


axillism Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: girl hate
girl hate you/we propagate
your/my jealousy...
in denial
it blinds us,
we play out this girl hate
in spite y/our politics
still challenged/fucked up by all this shit
it rules our lives
n it's not right
wake up//no more girl hate
we have enough to fight
we have enough fight within ourselves
without this fight amongst ourselves
Track Name: hard to cum by
this is nothing
i can't fight to fake, to feel
it's consuming me n it's screamin for release
am i so empty without it
n i can't even find myself
can't manifest it within my self
Track Name: summer is coming
no one n nothing is safe from their prying eyes
unwanted gaze creepin' up yer thighs...
spring is here..
summer is nigh....
see thru yr eyes
see thru yr lies...
your eyes convey some bullshiiiiiitt like my body is yours n not mine..
like hypnotized
eyes alive like zombies
eating me alive
no one n nothing is safe from your prying eyes
unwanted gaze creepin up my things
wanna kick yr face
n stab out yr eyes
Track Name: uncomfortable
do we get to feel comfortable
do we get to feel safe?
there's a myth we perpetuate within these spaces
i tried keep you comfortable
i tried to keep you safe
but it required an honesty
i couldn't face
tryn navigate the space between where i am wanna be
and find words with actual honesty without creating some weird myth of safety
coz what the fuck is comfortable and where the fuck is safe?
where the fuck is comfortable?
there's no such thing as safe